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[India In Hindi] This is a technical blog. In this blog we will learn about Computer, Technology, Internet, YouTube, Blogging, Website, WordPress, etc. related post in very simple Language. Here I will share my personal Knowledge and Experience.

इस ब्लॉग का मुख्य उद्देश्य हैं जानकारी को हिंदी में लोगो तक पहुंचना

My name is Vishnu Yadav. I am a resident of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. I am a YouTuber and my YouTube channel name is [Sikhna Aasaah Hai]. I started my YouTube career in (01/Jan/2017).

When I started my YouTube channel. Then I had to face many problems. That’s why I want everyone to know about the problem and its solution. Before become a YouTuber. I will give complete information about all these topics in my upcoming post.

I have done my (B.Com) graduation from Lucknow University. And in computer course, I have done 1 year of (ADCA) course & 1 year Tally computer and manual course.

Why did I become a YouTuber ?

I am from a middle class family. After passing (10 + 2), I filled the form for B.Com in Lucknow University. But I had no money for his fees. Then I worked in a book factory. Where my monthly salary only 1000 Rs. But I needed money for frees, so I did the job.

After completing graduation, I Fill many Govt. form for Job. Due to lack of financial condition and high fees of Govt. form, I stopped applying for Govt job.

After searching a lot, I got a job in a call center(Aegis Ltd). But I was not satisfied with that job. Because there was no time fix for the job. Our sift kept changing. And our salary was also very low according to work. I learned a lot from this job. Like how to talk to the customer and how to give them information about their product. So that the customer can understand easily.Here I worked for three years. After leaving the call center job, I applied for tally, office job at many places.

Because I was not from a rich family. I used my dream for little things like my personal Computer, Bike, Smart Phone etc. Sorry I forgot to tell you about my father. My father is a carpenter and my mother is a housewife. My father worked very hard and taught me And always supported me. My father is illiterate, so he wanted my children highly educated and stand on their feet.

I love working on the computer. I wanted none of my boss. Nobody asks me about work. I knew that you can earn money from YouTube, but did not know how. And YouTube helped me in this too. And I also made my channel on YouTube.I also started doing part time jobs together. Through which I also got financial help. I had to face a lot of problem while growing my channel.

But I did not give up because I saw poverty very closely. And kept doing his work. And I am earning money from YouTube. I had to wait one year for my first payment before YouTube. But I could not tell in words the happiness he had.

This story is especially for those who are unemployed or want to be your own boss.

Thank-You for reading.